MovieStarPlanet Game Features

Those who have always dreamt of becoming celebrities overnight will surely love MovieStarPlanet Play. Here, anyone could become the famous stars they have always wanted to be. Players should be ready to experience everything that their idols have ever had — paparazzi, autograph signings, designer clothes, and loyal fans! It is the start of an unstoppable rise to stardom. Prepare to be amazed by the following things you will notice and enjoy once you start playing this free PC game!


Be One with the Stars in MovieStarPlanet PC

Upon entering the game, you are no longer just an ordinary person. You have now become a star with a new status symbol. This kind of matter brings you to the same ranks as your favourite celebrities. Finally, you belong in their level, and you are one with them!

Take a trip around town and meet your colleagues in this passage towards fame. Establish connections with them by striking conversations during in-game scenes or chatting with them. Have fun making new friends who could help your progress in the community. But as said, high power means even greater responsibilities. Thus, as a celebrity, you need to make friends while still keeping fab.


Unleash Your Creative Side

One of the very first things you get to do in your gameplay is to decorate. You should give yourself a new look. Be your stylish designer by creating your wardrobe and clothing line. Prepare to try a series of mixing-and-matching to find the perfect outfit for your stardom journey finally. Dress up and be the model of your creations, too.

But this is not the only thing you need to decorate. You could redesign your room and reinvent a new image as a talk-of-the-town. Thus, make sure that the general theme matches who you are as your fans will surely love it. Use all the cool animations and stickers for the new trends to will set in the MovieStarPlanet!


Do Lots of Cool Things in MovieStarPlanet PC

Once you are ready to conquer the world, you could now flaunt your new look and take the stage. Lots of things await you like fashion shows, movies, and art books. You could even exercise your make up skills and give your favourite movie star a makeover.

There are also fun mini-games such as the trivia wheel for added fun. Parents need not worry because there’s a kid-safe function. This free game is really for everyone!


Be Who You Want to Be

This extraordinary game is also the right way of expressing yourself. Your actions and decisions decide the fate of your celebrity character, who is your virtual self. After all, the game is about you being who you want to be. Just create your avatar, do the activities which will keep you meeting friends and accomplishing tasks, and be yourself.

Be ready to celebrate your successes and learn what you should do to survive in this frantic world of stars. Download one of the best role-playing games now! Try MovieStarPlanet PC for free and play it now!