MovieStarPlanet Guides

MovieStarPlanet Game is your way to get to the top of show business! By downloading this game, you experience the perks of being a movie star and do things to maintain this status you worked hard for. Create an avatar, design your outfits and room, mingle with fellow celebrities, and even take care of pets. However, you still need to complete the tasks to make sure you get to the top of the fandom board!

Here are vital tips for you to consider in MovieStarPlanet PC and remember to achieve and maintain your success as the next big superstar! Remember to follow this guide as much as you can to fulfil your mission! Are you finding some more games like this? Discover more fun stuff in now!


Get to the Top of Your MovieStarPlanet Game Career!

In-game currencies play a pivotal role in your gameplay. The sure way for you to gain some is by playing the mini-games, where you must complete tasks to earn rewards. These are all still related to your quest of stardom: dress up, catwalk, casting, and socialization with fellow stars. Crazy card and quiz games could also make your time spent wisely. Are you excited for MovieStarPlanet download now?

Well, you have to choose the best game for you to play and earn scores and coins that will get you to the leaderboards. There are plenty of categories to choose from — action, puzzle, sports, adventure, platform, and more. All these are accessible through the game area on the map. Enter this location now and play along!


Seek Help from Fellow MovieStarPlanet Celebrities

There have been movie stars before your arrival in MovieStarPlanet Free. With all your respect, you need to mingle with them, earn their trust, and establish rapport with them. As much as possible, maximize all opportunities to get to know them or strike random conversations with the stars. So, take note always to be respectful and avoid rude language. That’s important because you could later seek their help for you to advance your popularity. It’s a “we scratch each other’s back” kind of thing.

Get autographs from your fellow stars or get them to see your movies. You could even make them have a virtual tour of your room so they could like it, your artbooks, or your profile updates. This matter allows you to do two things: gain fame and return the favour. It advances your chances of success while keeping good relationships. Isn’t that fun?

But a quick word of caution: do not beg. Your fellow stars will be willing to help you if you don’t get too pushy.


Earn Coins and Collect Exciting Gifts

The easiest way to make a fortune in the game is the wheel of fame. Each spin awards individual items, in-game currencies, and even diamonds! Aside from the mini-games, there are also some more tricks to gather coins. Just keep a close eye on your fellow celebrities’ movies and watch them. You could even find stray ones in the chatrooms, so make sure to be chatting at the right time!

Finally, there are individual gifts scattered throughout the map’s locations: shopping center, design studio, movie town, skate park, and pet house. What are you waiting for? Rewrite your stars with MovieStarPlanet Game. Download on your PCs now!