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Tips on How to Get Famous in MovieStarPlanet PC Quickly

Is it your first time playing the MovieStarPlanet PC? Well, if it is, the reality is that it’s hard for you to get famous instantly. With the many players that this game has, it’s challenging to get known to people. So, if you want to be recognized, you have to take it on step by step process. Read on to know more about the tips and tricks to being famous in MovieStarPlanet PC. Just a disclaimer though, these tips will not guarantee you to be famous overnight. However, if you follow these religiously, you will get well-known soon enough.


Tip #1: Interact with as many players as you can in MovieStarPlanet PC

Most of the time, extroverts are the ones that get famous quickly in real life. The same goes for the game as well. Those who interact with a lot of players can get you famous instantly. So, how will you communicate with players? Chat with people. Just like in real life, the method of striking up a conversation is the first step to make friends with other people. Especially in the age of technology, it’s so easy to converse with people. There’s no need for you to be shy since you’re just chatting with them on the screen.

So, to chat with people, simply go to chatrooms. If you go there often and be the first one to open up exciting topics, then you’ll make a lot of friends. Moreover, you can also make friends if you usually respond to conversations. That way, many people will notice you often. If you’re now on level 6, you can also interact with people on forums. You can either open up an exciting topic or air out your comments on each question on the forums. Just make sure to be excellent on your posts so that everyone will like you.



Tip #2: Befriend movie stars with high levels

If you want to increase your status, you should make friends with movie stars. Besides striking up a good conversation with them, give them lots of autos and say beautiful things to them. You should also help them get famous. That way, they might want to add you to your friends’ list and say cute things to you back. Remember, high-leveled movie stars have lots of friends. So, when you make many connections with them, they might introduce you to their friends. That way, it’ll increase your status and number of friends.


Tip #3: Make and watch a lot of movies in MovieStarPlanet Play

Since this is a world of movies, make sure to create lots of film as possible. Don’t forget to make it enjoyable as possible so you can get more friends to watch your movies. When creating films, make sure to invite lots of friends as possible. That way, many people will recognize you, especially if you’re creating exciting movies.

There are still more ways for you to become famous quickly. But, these tips are the sure ones that will make you memorable sooner than expected. So, log-in to your MovieStarPlanet account today and follow these steps. There are a lot more exciting things to discover in role-playing games like these! So, don’t wait for something else and start now!