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How to Level up Fast in MovieStarPlanet Free?

You’ll probably be having a rough time if you’re playing MovieStarPlanet Free for the first time. You might still be clueless about how generally the game works. Also, how to gain more friends and even how to level up. Well, maybe that’s the reason why you’ve stumbled upon this article. You’re doing your research for some tips to level up fast in the game. So, help you out with your glamorous journey, here are two basic tips to remember to level up fast.


Tip #1: Play more games in MovieStarPlanet Free

Playing games repeatedly in MSP will help you level up quickly. Keep in mind that to level up, you have to get more Fame as possible. Since playing games is one way to increase fame, you should play it often. To give you an overview, Here’s how to do it.

When you log in to your MovieStarPlanet account, go to the “Games”. There, you’ll find a variety of mini-games for you to play in the game. You can play Dress Up, Crazy Cards, Arcade, and more. Now, choose a particular game that you think you’ll enjoy playing. It doesn’t matter which game you’d like to play since you’ll still be getting Fame.
If you want to get more Fame easily, try to play one game on repeat. Once you’ve become familiar with a certain game, you won’t be having a hard time getting Fame anymore. That way, when you’re earning a lot of Fame, you’ll be leveling up easily.



Tip #2: Earn and Collect Rewards in MovieStarPlanet Free

Another trick for you to get fame fast and level up is to earn awards. However, you need to be at level 4 to start earning. If you want an easy award that lets you claim rewards easily, start earning the Crazy Collector award. In this award, you’ll earn 3000 fame points in total if you reach the Bronze and the Silver stage. And those are the stages that we should achieve.

To check out this award, simply go to “My Profile”, go to the “Awards” icon, and then “Shopping”. From there, click on the Bunny on a Ball icon, which is found on the bottom right of the first page of the award selection.
For you to earn this reward, simply buy a total of 25 items. Now, you can buy any items for this matter. But if you only have less than 1,500-star coins, buy hearts instead, which only cost 50-star coins.

Once you’ve bought 25 hearts already, you can now claim both rewards and earn 3000 fame points. Besides the Crazy Collector award, there are still other awards that you can claim. Make sure to check each award and earn as many as you can.



There are still many ways for you to level up fast. However, if you do these two tips often, you’ll get more fame points and you’ll level up in no time. So, log in to your MovieStarPlanet PC account today and start leveling up. Get ready for more role-playing games while you catch each level!