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What to do if your MSP subscription has been cancelled?

Can’t log in or access your MovieStarPlanet PC (MSP) account anymore? Do you think that your MSP account is gone? Well, you’re not the only one who’s in the same dilemma. A lot of users believe that MSP is deleting old and inactive accounts. This issue happened way back 3 or 4 years ago. When they try searching for old accounts on their friends’ list, they don’t appear on the list anymore. Though some accounts appear on the record, the problem is that a new user is re-using it. So, what is happening with the old MSP accounts? Let’s dig in the details to find out.


New Terms and Conditions in MovieStarPlanet PC

MovieStarPlanet is updating its terms and conditions frequently. They released their latest update this year, 2020, which took effect in April. Based on their new terms and conditions, there’s one section that talks about the “Suspension and Cancellation of Membership”. Here’s what this section says:


Suspension and cancellation of membership

“MovieStarPlanet reserve the right to suspend or cancel user memberships and close user accounts if there is a violation on this agreement or the rules on MovieStarPlanet websites such as set forth below, or if an account has not been login for four months.”


MovieStarPlanet PC has the right to suspend membership if the account remains inactive for four months. It doesn’t state any boundaries regarding the level of consideration, whether if you’re below level 5 or not.   But, it’s clear that for as long as it hasn’t activated in four months, then your account is suspended. However, there is one exception to this rule. And this exception is official as they are posting it on their official Twitter page last 2018.



It says that VIP accounts will not get suspended, despite being inactive for more than four months. The tweet also specifically mentioned what “inactive users” mean. These are “players who have not engaged with the game & only deficient levels that have not logged in for four months”. However, it is still not clear whether the tweet that they posted two years ago happen to apply on their definition of inactive users on this year’s current terms and conditions.



So, now that the question has an answer, the response is now up to you. If you still want to play MovieStarPlanet PC, don’t be inactive. Make sure to open your MSP account and play it once in a while to avoid account suspension. Remember, the choice is yours. Ready to play more role-playing games? Check out of some the best online and try something like MovieStarPlanet too!